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  1. jj rice
  2. Jermaine Mckay
    Jermaine Mckay
    Life is a game. Play it as best as you can
  3. trevin lopez
    trevin lopez
    i ended up getting chat banned for like three weeks because i was attempting to link my tiktok, would love if i could have that ban lifted
  4. Diego
  5. Benderwill
    someone trying to boot me his gamertag is smokey#3486 I already reported on xbox but they always appear on games should be banned for the bs
  6. Funky Jammer
    Funky Jammer crunchyg
    Yo yo, make me a moderator so I can help keep this place clean and tidy. I see you on here!
  7. JackB2K1
    Does anyone know any good Clans to join to play watch dogs with?
  8. Knull
    Need xbox game pass code anyone wanna share?
  9. Congruityy
  10. Congruityy
    DDos/Ip attack/ Attacking Routers. The xbox gamertags were: xTreyJoshy and Reecoffeexd.
  11. Jensen
    Sports for life!
  12. Luis Carmona
  13. pipadee2014
    Gaming for 20 years plus lets make this community amazing together!!
  14. jj rice
    jj rice
    I don’t like history of gta 5 online thay keep on contact history I don’t like it
  15. Kwaku
    Hello guys, if anyone is looking to join a club that posts daily content, supports people or chat. join the blooders or crippers club.
  16. tohomelody
  17. tohomelody
  18. tohomelody
  19. Funky Jammer
    Funky Jammer
    Trying to bring some life back. Please register and comment!
  20. Colby Kingsbury
    Colby Kingsbury
    I'm trying to become a xbox ambassador but when I click start my tour I get a blank screen and I don' know why.