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  1. Woodyhall2004
    I’m struggling to find some people to chat or game with on Xbox that are the same age group as me around age of 17 do you have any ideas?
  2. Whyte wolf
    Whyte wolf KN1GHTMARE
    Ironically I've been here since 2018 but someone keeps deleting everything I post vectit shows the illegal activities of several Xbox staff members including Xbox Ambassadors Bowski and DiabolicalJoker. Go check out my proof I posted
  3. Christian Cornforth
    Christian Cornforth
    40+ gamer from the U.K.
  4. xxiadrian1971
    Hi guys, my xbox 360 stopped working after prompt update 3080 351F 2800 0F00 C000 0034 Cant read the update from disc. Please advise
  5. sir scott82
    sir scott82
    Good morning i have just bought an x box series x and looking for a quest/roleplay online game where you work with others around the world
  6. PhoenixTheFwuff
    Salutations! I am a furry who wishes to help an play games with others! I'm also an Xbox Ambassador, feel free to ask me anything!
  7. itspinkbabyy
    i’m looking for someone to play minecraft with Add me wearevicky
  8. mathew jenkins
    mathew jenkins KN1GHTMARE
    My son set up a gamertag with my email which had all his achievements, games etc attached.
    He just had a new console and accidentally set up a new gamertag with the same email address. He is now unable the retrieve his old gamertag through the recovery process as it is now associated with the same email. Please can you help!
  9. April Marie
    April Marie
    Hello, I'm April Marie, i'm transgender, male to female and i love to game and help others.
  10. xboxuser123
    seeking help for xbox live disconnection errors
  11. SonicSpeedVidsTTV
    Yo Please Join My Xbox Club Called Sonic Team Community
  12. lovemodel
  13. transdigi888
  14. ianie
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  15. storsenderde
    Recommend an interesting electronic technology website to everyone.
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  16. lovemodel
  17. Wallis Lucy
  18. Wallis Lucy
  19. ROLO8991
    Always up for a game of conan
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  20. angeldoll