Can you try to ID a Xbox360 3rd person shooting game

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 Games' started by trynda1701, Jun 29, 2019.

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    Jun 29, 2019
    I'm wondering if anyone can help me identify a third person shooting game on the Xbox360. I played it at least 5-6 years ago, it could be older.

    I played the first fifteen minutes or so of this game, and got frustrated about a section which involved jumping down onto ledges.

    I've described it to family members, but they unfortunately don't remember what it is, and we don't seem to have the game anymore.

    You are in a jungle, I remember sneaking up a uphill trail that is curving to the left. You have to take out a machine gun nest or bunker, and after that, you go thru a gap in the foliage at a cliff edge, and have to jump down a series of small ledges on the cliff wall to the left to get thru another gap at a lower level.

    I remember thinking before I got fed up that it felt a bit like Tomb Raider. This was before I played the most recent first reboot game of Tomb Raider (the 2013 game).

    I know that I'm not giving people much to go on, and the above description is similar to a lot of shooter games. From Youtube for Far Cry 1, and having Far Cry 2 and 3, I know it's not those games. And it can't be any of the Uncharted games, because that's on Playstation only.

    The one other thing I remember is that just before you start in the jungle, it looks like you are about to start a flight simulator, with a plane flying thru a series of hoops or swirling orbs! But it might just be the loading screen. Does this give anyone any clues?

    I've checked the Xbox360s we still currently have active in the family, and there is no save or achievement saved that give me the game I'm looking for, so it must have been on a now defunct console! :(

    Thanks for any suggestions in advance I could check out on Youtube. I've checked a few top 10/25 lists videos, with no success!