Can't earn achievements for some games on 360

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  1. Aaron Rennick

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    Nov 19, 2021
    My account was hacked in 2009 I believe and when the hacker hacked me he/she modded the achievements for some 360 games and once I got my account back from the hacker thanks to Xbox support I discovered that I was not able to earn achievements for the games because of TOS and that Xbox enforcement reseted and disabled the achievements.

    It would be awesome if their is a way for Xbox enforcement to re-enable the achievements so I could earn the achievements again.

    This issue has been happening for years now I have contacted Xbox support to see what they could help me with and they told me to post here and get this post known so Xbox enforcement would look at this and give me an answer to see if they can re-enable the achievements again so I can earn them again, if Xbox enforcement can reset and disabled achievements can they not re-enable the achievements?.

    This part of being a gamer sucks when your account gets hacked and once you get it back you can not earn achievements for your favorite games that you play daily just to have fun and feel accomplished.