Xbox 360 Data recovery - im panicking and posting on every forum i can


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Sep 12, 2023
ummm ok so i had bought a 2nd xbox i wanted to use for a backup, i configured a usb in the 1st xbox, but when i put it in the 2nd xbox, it couldnt see what was on there for some reason and only gave me the option to configure it again. so i decided to try that, then transfer everything again, even tho it took a long time

well my dumb ass assumed it copied the files, but it moves them. so i just formatted the usb with my 14 or 15 year old profile and a bunch of my saves with no backup. now instead of making a backup, im looking for ways to get my stuff back. i made it way worse

problem is pcs cant read xbox "language" without special software. this is what i found: USB XTAF Explorer | GruntMods is there a way to use something like this in conjunction with a recovery software???

i cancelled the format as soon as i started it when i realized i should probably check it copied and didnt move, but if it cant be recovered from the usb, how the hell can one possibly connect the hdd to a pc in the first place? i took it off for the first time ever and it doesnt have a sata connection or anything. its the weird proprietary design on the fats. but i think ive heard of people connecting them somehowdepressed cigarette pepe.jpg