Xbox 360 Disappointing


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Nov 28, 2012
So I bought The Sims 3 for my wife and, being a Sims fanatic, she loved it. Then, the Pets version game out and I thought, "I should have waited and bought this one, instead." Well, we waited for the price to go down, bought it, and even though it's supposed to be exactly like The Sims 3 - only with pets - somehow, it's not. I don't know if it's that the graphics are slightly different, or if the proportions in the game are slightly askew, but this game is nowhere near as fun to play - or to watch - as the original Sims 3.

Does anyone else share this point of view, or is it just us?
Honestly, I enjoy Sims 3 pets. I played the Sims 3 and I can't quite tell the difference. I was un able to play sims3 for a long time, so im not sure if I just missed something. However I thought it was great. I loved to play as the pets. Though I personally don't think its worth it only due to the fact you can be a dog or cat. There are no horses, fish, lizards. Though I understand fish would be boreing as well as say a lizard. Birds would be fun. Snakes would be fun. Definitely horses. But that might be better on a Sims farm game. Play as pigs, cows, sheep, excreta.

Not to get to far of track here, I don't think there was to much that is different from Sims 3 and Sims 3 pets.