FloraLands Mod (1.18.2) – Unknown Lands to Discover

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    FloraLands Mod (1.18.2) introduces not one, not two but up to 6 unique dimensions for players to explore. Unlike other dimensions, those that are added by FloraLands are filled with beautiful, and unique vegetable lives and provide players with a journey into the unknown. Each of the 6 dimensions has its own backstory, and lore for players to delve into as these places were once inhabited by regular creatures. From a completely void dimension where everything went completely dark and only Darkglooms remain to a Mystical, dream-like world where players would find some of the strangest blocks. If players enjoy a thrilling trip, they could come down to the Land of The Anchents, known to many as a deserted world with treasures being filled to the wimp, or take their chances to explore the Rifted Realm, a place that is hostile toward any unwelcomed guests, especially the greedy ones.

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