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    Apr 2, 2022
    Hi guys,

    Would need your help please. My son (11) is a passionate xbox one gamer but goes through more headphones than me underwear. He had dozens of Turtlebeach, Razor, Logitech and many other gaming headphones over the last couple of years but either the aux cable or - most often - the mic fails. He is a pretty good kid but obviously doesn't baby his headphones like an adult would. So I gotta replace it. As that's getting expensive I'm looking at different options. That's where I need your advice please.

    Option 1) Are there any more decent gaming headphones with replacable aux cable and replacable mic that can be easily purchased as needed? If so which ones can you recommend? I had a look at HyperX which seem to do that but it seems their replacement parts are kinda hard to come by.

    Option 2) Keep buying cheaper gaming headphones in bulk and keep building up landfill. Not ideal.

    Option 3) Get a stand alone mic and separate headphones. I did a bit of reading on this and my understanding is it wont work because once the headphones are plugged into the controller I got nowhere to plug in the external mic. Is there really no way to plug headphones into the controller and an external mic into say a USB port on the xbox?

    Option 4) Half decent bluetooth headphones with built in mic. Plus: No cables, no boom mic - no external parts that break. Disadvantage: Gotta be charged every day and he (my son) wont remember to do that. Also, is it even possible to connect the headphones to the xbox via bluetooth and will both - the headphone and the mic function - work decently (xbox limitations or latency)?

    Thanks guys!