How to distinguish the quality of mobile phone signal jammers?

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Mar 27, 2024
Today, Mohan Communication Mobile Phone Signal Jammer Factory will share with you briefly:

The first step is to check the selected jammer process. High-quality mobile phone signal jammers are made of real materials from the outer shell to the internal components. The design is reasonable and scientific, and fully considers the usability, durability and practical effect of the product. If you have used jammers or worked in related work before, you can compare them by testing the performance and opening the internal packaging of the product.

The second step is to choose the jammer brand. Although there are many jammer brands now, there are not many real and powerful brand products. Through online consultation with professionals, etc., you can understand the authenticity of the jammer brand. cell phone jammer

The third step is to check and test the relevant functions of the mobile phone signal jammer products. Why do you do this? Because there are many inferior mobile phone signal jammers on the market, in order to sell at a low price, the functions of the products are often tampered with, mainly by canceling some circuits that optimize the signal, such as automatic gain control, etc. There are generally more than 200 hosts with intact circuits, and less than 80 internal devices with low-quality mobile phone signals below the k jammer. This kind of shoddy jammer has a very different effect, which will seriously affect the normal use of the jammer's mobile phone signal.

The fourth step is to check whether the mobile phone signal jammer signal has any interference behavior. When the number of installations increases, the inferior mobile phone signal jammer will cause very serious interference to nearby base stations. Obviously, if the mobile phone signal is full, you can't make a call, which will cause serious communication interference to others. This behavior is suspected to be illegal. Of course, good quality mobile phone signal jammers also have interference problems, but at the same power, the interference of high-end mobile phone signal jammers with good quality is several times or even dozens of times smaller than that of poor quality mobile phone signal jammers.
I’ve been reading about the quality of mobile phone signal jammers, and it's quite concerning how poor-quality ones can severely disrupt nearby communication. It's essential to choose jammers made from robust materials and reputable brands to avoid these issues. Has anyone here had experiences with high-quality jammers? Any recommendations?