If you want to take part in a Community Game Night, what time zone are you in?


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Jun 24, 2012
The D
Again, this is to gauge what time will be best for those of you that want to partake in a Community Game Night. If you have no interest in a CGN, please don't post. Gracias!

I'll start. I'm in Michigan, so I'm EST.
In California (PST) I can play most nights after 7:30pm, or weekends at whatever time if I have no other plans.

BTW Jen, you need to download the Titanfall beta (or now demo) so we can play, It's so much fun!
Okay, I'll download it now :) I have to edit some photos right now but I'll try to jump on later today and if not, definitely tomorrow evening!!
Im in NJ so EST. How about CGN for Titanfall?
I am down for my first CGN! I live in Missouri so CST is my time zone.. I will most likely get online around 930 cst.. Gotta make sure both kids are down for bed.