Xbox One In need of help!!!!... Is it safe to use replacement power cord??... Having other issues


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Nov 19, 2023
I moved a little over a month ago and completely forgot to pack the original power cord that came with it... So I ran out and bought a replacement one, ever since I plugged in the new cord I've been having issues with my Xboxone S.... One day it stopped loading my digital games except for COD Cold War, I would start playing zombies then the screen would go black... I could put in a regular disc game and it would play with absolutely no issues, then I moved it outta my daughter's room.... Turned on the Xboxone after moving it to play zombies in the living room, the game started loading and then a message popped up saying the game is corrupted to uninstall and reinstall it.... Uninstalled the game, then when I tried to reinstall the game it would stop and go back to the hom screen on its own.... Now my Xboxone S is stuck in troubleshooting mode, it'll come on but won't always start up and go to the home screen... So right now I'm completely lost and honestly don't know where to go from here.... I tried googling the issue I'm having and even the troubleshooting steps on the Xbox website and nothing has worked
It should be safe to use an official replacement power cord or one from any Xbox One S or One X. Try unplugging the power cord and wait a half hour, plug in the power cord and then Press and Hold the Xbox power button until you hear a chime. Let me know if you get it running.
Seeking assistance for Xbox One issues, it's generally safe to use a replacement power cord, but ensure it's compatible; consider using a VPN like PureVPN especially with their crazy black Friday deal up to 84% off for added security while troubleshooting other issues.