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    Oct 20, 2022
    Jade Mod (1.19.3, 1.19.2) allows players to learn more about an entity just by hovering their mice over it. For newer players of the game, sometimes it would be hard to tell what is going on due to the overwhelming amount of content that Minecraft has got to offer. These new players often feel lost in the vast world since they have no clue what to do and they are also too afraid to explore. Even with the help of many third-party websites and wikis, it is still relatively challenging to play Minecraft on the initial playthrough. With Jade, however, players can easily understand an entity by placing their crosshairs on them. At the same time, information such as health, duration, and utility are also displayed clearly and unequivocally for players to interact with them. From now on, players wouldn’t need to fear the unknown with Jade.

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