Killer Instinct will be Free Download at Launch

Discussion in 'Killer Instinct' started by Damnlag, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. sc_shark

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    Jun 23, 2013
    ill go a step further on my thought..

    microsoft,gamestop,walmart,amazon,best buy all the big players in the console marketing have not published a thing about killer instinct dlc or any other info.. this should nad is normally the first avenue of a dev/title the fact its not on any buyable form is a good thing. it leads me to think we are getting at least 50% of a game... if their was some type of dlc or expansion pack their would already be some type of core advertisment or push on the title.

    as big s ki is as a title on release they have used the game to show the core game the ability to play and record and other aspects of the xbox one console. you would think microsoft or 3rd party outlet who could/would make money of a dlc or expeansion would have it be known. games like cod,battlefeild4,forza5 we all expect a dlc pack for.. but we are getting a 100% of a title at release... the dlc/expansion/season pass is just that. these are things that lead me to think we are getting 90% of the game at launch. yes their is no talk about the dlc/season pass for cod,bf4,forza5 at this point but its usually a 2 month from launch time line. the first dlc is usually included in a code upon pre order.

    we dont have allot to go off at this point just look at how the industry operates as a whole and look at your timeline of the aaa titles these become industry standards and a formula that has proven to them for most return.
  2. fantanoice

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    Aug 7, 2013
    I guess it is good for people who are new to the franchise and want to try it out, but I wish there was an option where you could try the other characters and buy them if they suit your playstyle.
  3. Esperahol

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    Feb 18, 2013
    This isn't something I'm very fond of - it sounds great on the surface, but it's just a sort of scam. Look at it this way - unlocking a character costs maybe 5.99. Now if you only unlock three characters then you only spend like 20 bucks - which is a 1/3 of normal retail price. However, if you end up unlocking say 10 characters - you just spent retail price for only maybe a 1/3 of the roster. Of course that is just an example, but that is how it tends to end up. It's really rather ridiculous.