Little Big Planet 2


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Mar 15, 2012
I was scanning the Best Buy ad, when I saw Little Big Planet 2. Has anyone bought this game yet? Is it something new or just a rehash of the first game? I hate it when a sequel to a game is exactly like the first, with one small change. If Little Big Planet 2 is the same as the first, I'll just go buy the first one for cheaper!
Well, I just checked out that link and it will definately make you want to buy Little Big Planet. This is not usually my type of game, but it has me intrigued.
That link has me convinced to buy Little Big Planet 2. I guess I am a sucker for hype. Maybe I can catch a sale though, because I have other games on my list to buy first.
To be fully honest I haven't played the first LBP, but I got the second one almost at release and I was simply amazed at how fun the game is. Don't be fooled by the childish exterior it is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end, considering the crazy amount of community content out there, awesome unlockables from the story mode you will simply want to unlock and the custom level creator..
Hands down one of the most fun games to play with non-gamer friends. It's fairly easy to pick up and play and definitely has a wide appeal to both males and females, adults and children.
I got both with Playstation Plus and i enjoyed them throughly with a bunch of friends. It's easy to pick and always fun, even when going solo. I also lost a lot of hours just messing around with the creator, seeing what i could create.