Mobile phone signal blockers help students to have a healthy work and rest

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Mar 27, 2024

With the popularity of smart phones, more and more students stay up late at night to use their mobile phones for entertainment, which has an adverse effect on their health and learning. In order to solve this problem, the school has taken measures to install mobile phone signal jammers to improve students' habit of staying up late and promote them to develop a good work and rest routine.

Basic structure and principle of mobile phone signal blockers

cell phone jammers interfere with mobile phone signals so that they cannot communicate normally with communication base stations. The blocker is mainly composed of several parts: switching power supply, scanning control module, frequency band microwave radio frequency control module, power amplifier module and transmitting wireless antenna module. Its working principle is to generate a scanning signal through a sawtooth signal generator, enter the mobile communication working frequency band, and then transmit an interference signal through the power amplifier circuit and the voltage regulator tube, thereby blocking the mobile phone signal.

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The harm of students staying up late for a long time to use electronic products

Students staying up late for a long time to use mobile phones and other electronic products will have a serious impact on physical and mental health. Lack of sleep can cause students to lose concentration, memory loss, and poor academic performance. In addition, staying up late for a long time will also affect students' emotions and psychological state, and increase the risk of anxiety and depression. In order to protect the health of students, schools must take effective measures to limit their use of electronic products at night.

School response measures

Many schools have installed mobile phone signal blockers in dormitories to limit students from using mobile phones at night. These blockers are usually installed in hidden locations and are not easy to be found. When the blocker is activated, the mobile phone signal in the dormitory will be blocked, and students will not be able to continue to use their mobile phones for entertainment. Such measures force students to go to bed early, thereby improving their habit of staying up late.

Shielding effect and material selection of mobile phone signal blockers

The shielding effect of mobile phone signal blockers is affected by the wall materials of the dormitory and the location of the equipment. The signal attenuation of wooden walls and materials such as glass and plaster is low, and some blockers may have a certain impact on the equipment through direct radiation and reflection from doors and windows, giving people an illusion of strong penetration ability. When selecting and installing blockers, schools will choose the most suitable equipment according to the dormitory structure and material characteristics to ensure the best shielding effect.