My 1st Bow Challenge - Complete Skyrim with the Long Bow


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Feb 28, 2013
So, I am MaxTooTheLimit I have a YouTube account where I Have loads of game including Skyrim. My Channel is under the name of MaxTooTheLimit and I have a series called 1st Bow/ Old Bow Challenge. The rules of my challenge are to Only Use Long Bow, No Magic, No Shout, No Buying Items, No Paying People To Level Me and No Companions also Reasently increased the difficulty to Master. This make the game more interesting and harder. I am Really enjoing it as I have never completed it before so all of it is a new experience for me. Hope you will join me, If you want to check it out I have a playlist of it on YouTube. I can't post links but just look on my channel :) Enjoy!
Congrats, I love players who take the hard road just to fully experience something to it's fullest.

Today's games are full of ways to make things faster and cheaper but it cheapens the experience imo. The accomplishments I am most proud of were often the hardest to obtain, I think people cheat themselves when they take the easy road.

Thanks for the channel mention, I'll check it out again now.