My owned games gone from Xbox360 store

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A You open the arbitration by contacting American Arbitration Association (AAA) if Your games gone?

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  1. BragTomCat25

    BragTomCat25 New Member

    Jun 8, 2021

    I am microsoft XBOX 360 customer. I have problem with my owned games, that I purchased from online Xbox 360 store.

    From Xbox 360 store I can not redownload my owned games, because games are gone from Xbox 360 store and I can not redownload them. Support xbox can not solve this problem and answer to me that it can not be refund and dont answer about how I can redownload my owned games.

    I want redownload from Xbox 360 store my owned games: „ Contrast“, „Sniper ghost warrios 2“ and „ИГРА ПРЕСТОЛОВ“.

    I want explain that the my owned games are already removed from the store and are not playable anymore on the Xbox 360.

    Thank you Xbox for the disaster service :)

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