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May 21, 2013
What PC game have you played has had elite-level graphics? I have always heard that PC games have the beat graphics, more than console games.
Most games that come onto PC have graphical options so, provided you have a good enough PC, you will be able to get better graphics than the console counterparts. That said, the developer actually has to give a damn about the PC in the first place for it to be a good port.

If you are looking for games where graphics are stunning, I would say Metro Last Light would be a good choice on PC.
Yeah i have played Metro Last Light and the visuals were incredible.
Most PC games look top notch compared to their console counterparts, but I have to say Metro Last Light has some pretty incredible visuals. Also, Far Cry 3 looks good as well as Crysis 3. Bioshock Infinite has some pretty sweet graphics, I mean its not ultra realistic or anything but its just so vivid and clear and very pleasing to the eye. The style looks amazing and the character designs are top notch, and my God, Elizabeth's face.
Far cry 3 looks amazing for me. The visuals are stunning, the landscape is well thought out, and it must have been time-consuming!

Skyrim also looks amazing.
Fary Cry 3, Crysis 3, Metro Last Light are all incredible games from a visual standpoint. Battlefield 3/4 is also stupendous in some levels.
Far Cry 3 and Battlefield 4 no doubt. Skyrim is also awesome..
I have far cry 3 but I like assassins creed 3 more. I like ac4 black flag even more, but it got stuck at 15%
Can you guys reply to my post.
The best graphics that I have seen to date in a PC game has definitely got to be the graphics in Metro: Last Light. Once you mac out all the graphical settings the game looks incredible.
Age of Wushu on Ultra Video Mode has graphics which brought sparks into my eyes. You need a really top notch graphics card and computer to play it because to play the game enjoyably you need at least 60 fps. With this computer I have here, I can only play on Ultra Video Mode with 6 fps. You need a 2160p screen, with a 2160p ready computer to play on Ultra with 60fps. I had a friend who did it. He must have really enjoyed the game. The graphics on Ultra mode is breathtaking!
It's probably the current Fallout. Fallout 4, If I'm not mistaken. I'm really into the design. Unfortunately, the gameplay itself isn't that good and the game has some glitches but the graphic is still awesome.
It's kind of hard to just generally say that all PC games have better graphics than the console games, because unlike playing a game on a console when you can just insert the disc and press play, on a PC it's going to depend on what graphics card you have and what setting are optimised for your PC.

That's why I keep on saying that I don't think that consoles will ever be entirely replaced by PC's as people still like the plug in and play aspect that you get with a console.
I'm sure that a lot of games look better on a PC if you have a high spec, top of the range machine, but if the game itself doesn't play well it doesn't really matter how it looks. Some games I think are better suited to consoles, just like other games are more suited to be played on a PC, and no matter what the graphics are like I think that will always be the case.
Well, when it comes to graphics, the last time I looked up for the game with the most advanced graphics I found that Metro 2033, Battlefield 3, and Crysis 2-3, were the most powerful games when it comes to graphic sources, however, I do not really know which ones are leading the list at the moment, probably the newest Battlefield game or the newest CoD games.
Well I probably would have said Skyrim for the longest of time, but they just keep coming out with these really immersive games and it is hard not to consider those. Far Cry 3 was really something, although I did not really play that all that much. Sometimes the graphics aren't just quite enough to hold my attention, as was the case here. I would say Far Cry 3 for pure graphics, but really not much else. Thanks for sharing.
@rz3300 I do not really think that Far Cry 3 has the best graphics around, I would believe you if you woild have said Far Cry 4 instead of 3, but I will try to consider your opinion to do some research about both games, however, it's your opinion, I respect it.
I have played Cyberpunk 2077, which has the best visual graphics. I greatly love their visuals and stunning graphics.
I agree with Cyberpunk 2077 it's real nice on PC for graphics. I'm also playing some Starfield on PC currently and most planets are beautiful to behold for me.
Absolutely, Cyberpunk 2077 shines on PC, and Starfield's stunning planets make for an enthralling experience. Happy gaming in those visually captivating worlds! Carx Street apk mediafire
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