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    Oct 19, 2017
    I just started a Reddit sub titled "ActualGreatXboxDeals"
    for game deals on Xbox One that are links to best prices I can find on games, memberships, accessories, and hardware deals for the Xbox One.

    [Here is the Link]

    Here is the Link in Plaintext for the Security Focused Individuals:

    I'm a One S owner and I have my One X one the way I'm interested in starting a Reddit that is less toxic than the existing Reddit sub for game deals. I look forward to seeing all of you on my Reddit thread. I hope for the thread to remain run by only individuals with no corporate/financial incentives.

    I want the community to be respectful without harassment just a place to post a deal and comment if you're happy about it or post a better deal. I'm going to ban people that want to start a for or against camp style argument in any post.

    My goal is to generate comments from fans of any given game, accessory, or hardware deal. If your not a fan your opinion isn't wanted, I noticed a lot of random negative troll comments on the original Xbox Deal Reddit the Mods of which don't regulate at all. So I decided to make my own community where that kind of garbage behavior and attitude will not be tolerated at all.

    Comments that are inflammatory or argumentative and not constructive in nature will be deleted and repeat offenders banned with a 3rd strike policy. If you'd like to discuss the games, accessories, hardware, and membership services that you like on the Xbox One without any judgement, disrespect, or inflammatory sh!tposters.

    I hope to make a community that won't tolerate a bad attitude and moderates it's own behavior. I want people to feel safe to discuss what they want without someone harassing them. Simple rules are use non violent and respectful language, keep it clean, no personal attacks or insults, and no topics or commentary that isn't constructive or supportive.

    We all love gaming I find many gamers to be very passionate and have seen too many gamers turn passion into bitter rivalry or animosity. Let's come together for good conversations and friends not a place to outlet out un-managed stresses in our day to day lives. I don't know about all of you but I play video games for an escape from the 9-5 grind and make some positive connections. Let's get together for a chill conversation have a good time and.. Game On!

    Sincerely The Mods From ActualGreatXboxDeals