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    Jan 22, 2017
    This thread is to bring much needed attention to the suspensions and bans. While I could write a book on this, keep it simple, or try. You have your player feedback. Good/needs work ect.. Reality is, people have no clue, with the exception of "complaints" what their being suspended/banned for, till persons submits case review. Then after review, persons has no clue why they are suspended till after, is this a fair process? By then, the "oh, I had an ignorant moment" strikes.. Then it's too late to appeal or make a case. Already done. I hope, with the backing of others, think their needs to be further review of policy. Their are the repeat offenders, keep them honest. Then you have the first time offenders that get 2 week suspensions, again without knowing why until case review is done, many see this as unfair.. Then it shows, you can still play multi player but communication restricted- I find this a false statement considering, temp suspensions- your unable to play multiplayer. What about those that understand and take ownership? 2 weeks on first suspension? Harsh considering kids that curse others on their parents account..? Yet, the one that defendes themselves, suspended, understand 24 but 2 weeks, first offense? Shouldn't there be an objective perspective/judgement also explaining discpline opposed to the current..? I'm all for making a safer community but what's the harm in looking @ the repeat offenders vs first time!? Gamers should always respect others! Parents should monitor. Keeps hard working Xbox live workers from having to deal with hot heads.