Xbox 360 Which Gaming Franchise is Better? Call of Duty or Halo?


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Dec 26, 2012
Myrtle Beach, SC
I will answer this question with my opinion, and that is I believe that Halo is the better franchise. However, I love playing both of them, and I think that despite Halo 4 coming out, Call of Duty may be taking over in popularity in recent years. What do you guys think?
It depends on what you mean by "better". If you're asking me which franchise I like to play more, then it's definitely Halo. However, I think Call of Duty is probably the more popular of the two franchise titles, and probably has more gross sales.
I like Call of Duty better. I've never been a fan of like the futuristic kind of things like killing aliens and such.
I know some people who would fight to the death over this question. Personally, I like Call of Duty better. Halo has it's good qualities, but I think Call of Duty is more fun.
I prefer CoD over Halo, but that's just because I like the more realistic weapons and maps. Just a personal preference for me, although both games have such a huge following.
It could go either way. It just really ends up depending on if you like shooting aliens or humans, or if you like vehicles or on-foot gameplay.
I personally prefer Halo, but I regularly play both. To me, Call of Duty usually boils down to seeing the other player before they see you, while you have to have consistency to do well in Halo. Furthermore, Halo is more of a strategic sort of FPS, and it is harder to master. I also like the scale and story of Halo, while Call of Duty games tend to have action story-esque plots. Call of Duty may take the throne in terms of sales, but Halo is still the king to me.
This question is as old as online gaming itself. You have a huge fan base for both games. Many people enjoy the modern feel and play-style of Call of Duty, while others prefer the futuristic feel of Halo. This is like asking which do you like better, Apple or Microsoft. There are internal changes to the products, yes. Cosmetics, yes. Maybe a better quality. But really when push comes to shove, it's all about brand recognition. Most people prefer Halo because it says "Halo" on the disc, while others prefer Call of Duty because it says "Call of Duty" on the disc.
I never understood the need for some people to forcibly compare two distant games. Yes they are both FPS, wow.
They are completely different in terms of storyline, lore, background etc. Even visuals can be hardly compared as one of those games aims for a realistic depiction of our world and the other one goes for sci-fi fantasy looks.
Please compare comparable games! COD vs Battlefield etc. Otherwise it's just a subjective fanboy fest with no merit.