Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Bundle Options

Jean Louise

New Member
Jul 5, 2012
Which would you choose between the following two bundles, assuming that the two are priced identically:

(1.) An Xbox 360 with a small hard drive, one controller, Kinect, one game
(2.) An Xbox 360 with a large hard drive, two controllers, one game
Personally, I think I would prefer the bundle with the Kinect, because we already have one Xbox 360 with a large hard drive, but we have no Kinect. If we were ever to buy a second Xbox 360, I would definitely want it bundled with a Kinect sensor!
I agree with Caldy, although I haven't played the Kinect yet. I would still choose the Xbox 360 with the 2 controllers and the larger hard drive. I think you'll get more mileage out of that one.
Which is cheaper if bought separately - a hard drive expansion or the Kinect motion sensor? I would look into that first and then make my decision. If it would cost more to add storage space to a small hard drive, then I would buy the bundle with the large hard drive included. If it's the other way around, however, I would buy the bundle with the Kinect sensor.
I'd get both :D I'm kidding.
Chose the one with the large hard drive, I think you can add the kinect later on. You need a lot of space if you intend to play a lot.
I agree with Aurora here. I'd do the math before I bought either to figure out which is the better deal, and then take advantage of it and add the other components later, be it the Kinect or the second controller.
I don't see myself getting much use out of the Kinect, honestly, because there just aren't that many games out there for it that I've seen that seem interesting. I'd rather have the Xbox with the larger hard drive and the extra controller.