Xbox One XBOX ONE X Developer Mode Crash and cant reinstall.


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Jun 26, 2021

My XBOX ONE X was in the insider alpha channel and also enrolled in developer mode. Today it crashed and rebooted into troubleshooting mode. I tried to wipe all and start fresh, this failed. I was initially getting E102 error. Then I downloaded the OSU1 image and try offline recovery and during preparing the XBOX it never makes it past 4% with E106 now. After some debugging I can see that the OSU1 image is a retail image and I think this fails as the XBOX never changed mode and therefore the firmware does not match.

I am confident that my hardware is fine and this is just a software issue. How can I get a image that would be accepted in offline update?

Any help would be welcomed.

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Hi mate I had the same problem info I found out .
You will have to boot into safe mode holding the eject sync and the power button for 10 seconds
And find out your OS version . Insider Program has different os versions . Then download the respective os and run via usb setup .