backwards compatibility

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    Xbox 360 Original Xbox Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 on Xbox 360 S

    I have an Xbox 360 S Model 1439 and I really wanted to play the original Xbox Star Wars battlefront 1&2. So I bought a 250 GB Microsoft Xbox 360 S hard drive Model 1451 and both Star Wars Battlefront 1&2 as disc's. When I insert the CD of either game the main menu screen recognizes that Star...
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    This should be possible: Playing an Xbox 360 game without the disc in the drive

    I own several games for my 360 which has sadly passed on after many years of service, I also own an Xbox one X. What I grudge is having to buy the games that worked perfectly fine on my 360 as disc-based games (prototype, Rocksmith, Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 to name but a few) I don't see...
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    Backwards compatibility request: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

    Hello, I've recently heard there are plans to bring back backwards compatible xbox titles this month's big January update. So I would like to request a game from the xbox 360 to be backwards compatible for Xbox one and Xbox Series X consoles. It is highly requested for years to be added to the...
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    James Bond 007 Nightfire backwards compatibility

    I have not found a list of games that will be compatible for the Xbox Series X. I saw that it is currently not compatible with the Xbox One, but I did see an article saying 007 Nightfire would be the only James Bond game that will be compatible with the Xbox Series X. Any insight and/or a list...
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    Xbox 360 Xbox 360 backwards compatibility

    Hello - I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to this stuff so please hang with me. I am interested in updating my Xbox 360 to have Backwards compatibility with OG Xbox games. Specifically MVP Baseball 04. I have one of those external Xbox hard drives and a 4GB USB thumb drive. Can I make this...
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    Xbox One Adding more original Xbox games to Backward Compatibility List

    I noticed (when searching through old games) that some such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alias, Enter the Matrix, Path of Neo, and Aeon Flux weren’t included. I loved playing these games on the original console and wish to play them again on Xbox One. Anyone feel the same? Maybe about the...
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    Xbox One Back compat split screen

    Hey everybody, I play alot of back compat games on split screen yet the split screens never fill up the entire monitor even tho on the 360 they would be fullscreen. I have a standard hd tv. Is there anyway to run The 360 titles in split screen mode in fullscreen?
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    I got a great Gamertag, but now i cant play my 360 games on backwards compatible. Wat do?

    So with Microsoft allegedly releasing all of those names into the wild, me and my friends looked for cool, OG names. I was able to get the name Vyper, but ever since I changed my name I haven't been able to play backwards compatible games. I would load the game and it would tell me that I needed...