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    Xbox One Help with signal but no output (xOneS)

    This can be a long shot, but here comes; My xbox was working just fine, when out of the blue the output died. Ok, i thought, it can be fixed. so i got the output fixed, and it was new. The point is; I still have a black screen. I'm sure that it has signal, the HDMI works fine, as well as the tv...
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    Xbox 360 Kinect - after connec to the x 360, the screen has no signal

    Hello guys, I have Xbox 360, last time it was everything OK, but now when i connect kinect to the xbox (via USB port) the screen goes black and tv displays that there is No signal. If i unplug the kinect, the xbox screen is ok. Do you know how to solve this problem? TV is connected via hdmi...