1. F

    Xbox 360 Xbox 360 will not connect to internet

    I have an Xbox 360 slim. I’ve had it since 2012 and no issues until recently it will no longer connect to the internet, I’ve tried everything from resetting the modem to messing with IP addresses and that mess. I think it might be internal wiring/motherboard issues but I thought I would check...
  2. D

    Xbox One Help, Controller will not connect

    So a while ago I had used my Xbox One Series S controller to play on my laptop, but ever since I haven't been able to connect it. I've tried everything Xbox says to try - using wired connection, wireless connection, holding the pair button, this, that, the other, nothing has worked, Xbox has...
  3. KarmaSuttra

    Xbox One Xbox One S wired & wireless accessories connection difference??

    Anyone know if Wired and Wireless Xbox one controllers/accessories connect to the console the same way? I'm having an issue with my wireless accessories having an inconsistent connection with my console (Xbox one S) and I was curious if a wired controller might work better or if they connect...
  4. T

    Xbox 360 Constant xbox live disconnections

    Thought I would dig out the 360 and plug it in and see how things go. I managed to get the system updated but now every 3 minutes or so xbox live disconnects. - I am hard wired into the router - Network speed is a solid 30mbps - I have UPnP is enabled - I have the xbox assigned to a static IP...
  5. E

    Xbox One xbox one X PING experts plz help

    When I first got my xbox one X and tested detailed network stats in settings, I got high speeds and 16 ping. Since then the ping has rose to 80ms, and will not drop under that. The same situation happened to my old xbox one s. But, when I do a speed test on the explorer app, which pings to my...
  6. CatTrivia

    Xbox One Strange Connection issues.

    I can not log into overwatch it stops at "entering game" then says "lost connection" I also can't watch anything on hulu. Now the weird part I can watch netflix and when I use my wifes account on the same system I can get into Overwatch. I can't fifure out what is going on.Yes I've hard rebooted...