1. A

    Xbox One The Amazing Spider-man 2 disc stops at 71.6 percent

    I recently bought the game on disc and have tried to install it several times. It continues to stop at 71.6 percent every time. I have cleaned my disc several times and i have tried the methods that xbox support has given me and there have been no fixes. The game isn’t available on the store and...
  2. J

    Anyone remember Black and White?

    It's an older game from when I was a kid. Amazing godlike gameplay, along with a great story and online play. the sequel was ok too but the orriginal game was superior. This morning I was reminiscing about old games and started having flashbacks of my benevolent icow who walked around performing...
  3. LodleLive

    Original Xbox Code 07 appears when I turn on Xbox

    Hello, I have recently got my original Xbox down from the attic, band when I turned it on, it worked, but the disc tray wouldn't open, I tried a method to try and get it open, but it wouldn't open, and eventually, when I turned it on, the code 07 error appeared on my screen. How do I fix it?