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    Discord Nitro

    I bought Xbox Game Pass Ultimate but when I go to perks tab in Xbox app Discord Code is not there

    TSB 1000+ members 16+

    Hi I'm Prambo from TSB Gaming we have been around 10+ years and we have 1000+ members we play all games you must be 16+ have discord as this is our clan communication and have a gamer score over 2000 my GT: TSB PRAMBO or discord: TSB PRAMBO#9617 if you would like to join us just send me a...
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    GTA 5 ( RP ) S.A.L.S Xbox Division

    S.A.L.S is already a huge GTA 5 xbox roleplaying clan with a lot of members, working cad/mdt, great staff and a wide range of rp times to suit everyone. But now, they have also launched an Xbox Division. The President of this division is salsxbox. The Vice-President is myself. Currently...
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    Xbox One Discord group

    I made a group for GameSharing https://discord.gg/Kb7CPBA If you join this obviously don't GameShare with people you don't trust Note: Only for people who are poor or don't want to spend money Please no criticism.