1. Tay

    Hello, looking for Xbox Friends!

    Hey, my GT is Taywaii and I’ve been gaming on Xbox for a while now. I didn’t know forums on here were still a thing, I swear I made a post on these forums YEARS ago when I played 360. I play games like dead by daylight, modern warfare, Minecraft, GTA, etc. I have game pass as well. I’m hoping to...
  2. O

    Hi I’m looking for other girl gamers to play with! Help

    Hi! I play COD most of the time, none of my friends play Xbox so I get pretty bored on here sometimes! Just reaching out to see if any girls can relate!
  3. T

    Xbox One Deleted Conversations?

    So recently I was looking for a conversation from one of my long time internet friends, and it seems to have been deleted. So I was wondering if there would be a way to retrieve it, seeing as I didn't want to delete it in the first place. Also is there a way to check the exact date you friended...