1. Kaenripa

    KRAKEN Gaming Crew

    Come search us on Xbox Clubs! All relevant information is there, any other information message me on xbox!
  2. Anaki

    Xbox One Come in here to earn 3 Bitcoins in 4 days. Urgent 02/04/21

    We will be taking participants on a four-day 3 BTC earning course. If you need high volume of spendable Bitcoins for unlimited games,then join us today. Contact me on: WhatsApp +1 (747) 212-0823 Or click
  3. G

    Xbox One About Xbox One consoles

    Hello guys, I have an Xbox One S console and I want to buy Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy game. In the top right corner of the CD says "Xbox One X enhanced". On the title of this product, they say that it's a game for Xbox One consoles (so...for S and X consoles). Does anyone know if this "Xbox...
  4. M

    Newbie Here!!

    Hey everyone!! i'm a hair stylist and a writer! I play games and write their reviews for the gaming community!! Saying hello with a meme!
  5. S

    Xbox One Discord group

    I made a group for GameSharing If you join this obviously don't GameShare with people you don't trust Note: Only for people who are poor or don't want to spend money Please no criticism.
  6. Jake wales

    Xbox One New gaming Instagram

    Everyone go follow my friends and I new gaming IG. Trying to get followers. We post daily. Thanks!

    Xbox One Looking for someone to play OVERWATCH

    Trying to que up with some overwatch players 2-3 GT: ATM APLHA +18
  8. Alex

    Outlast Gaming is recruiting

    Outlast Gaming is an Xbox One & PlayStation 4 community that does not care about K/D but maturity & participation. We focus on having a core group of members that will always be in game & on our website. Our focus is on Call of Duty, Battlefield, Tom Clancy, & Destiny but a lot of our members...
  9. X

    Hello im XTHEBOXNICK

    Hi, every one I am a Xbox 360 veteran. I used to play games like Grand Theft Auto 4/5 and Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition etc. Even though i'm am not currently a Xbox owner, but I am still engaged in Xbox affaris. I do like the Xbox One, I think it is a great geming concole. Im shure many can...