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    Kinect Spectral Response

    Hello all, I am an engineering student who is currently using an Xbox One Kinect sensor for a project. Essentially I will be attempting to create a low-cost 3 color pyrometer that can be used to measure the temperature of glowing hot objects from a distance using the image data collected from...
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    Xbox One Troubleshooting External Hard Drive

    I need help with my external hard drive and its formatting. So i bought this external hard drive off of amazon.com, which is 2 TB storage, and USB 3.0. It's new and never used, and so I got it and plugged it into my Xbox One. It gave me the options to use for media or to format it. I formatted...
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    Spot For Deals On Games/Memberships/Accessories/Hardware

    I just started a Reddit sub titled "ActualGreatXboxDeals" for game deals on Xbox One that are links to best prices I can find on games, memberships, accessories, and hardware deals for the Xbox One. [Here is the Link] Here is the Link in Plaintext for the Security Focused Individuals...