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    Xbox One Someone help with Xbox controller... no other help found online

    I have recently began having trouble with my Xbox one controller. After I did an update on the controller, I plug it in with a usb cord and the Xbox logo in the controller lights up but no command or buttons works. So my screen is stuck on the home screen. When I try to connect it wirelessly, I...
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    Xbox One Post Update Startup Problem

    I updated the software on my console two days ago and since then, every time I turn it on the image stays stuck on the green loading screen. It can stay like that for as long as I leave it on, nothing happens. Doing a hard reset doesn't solve anything either and it's impossible to get through to...
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    Xbox One HELP! I can't join parties

    alright ive been letting my other family member use my xbox for a while now and i come back to see i cant join parties or create them. the only thing they did was diable notifications. ive tried privacy settings check my network connections and net type . please help!