1. A

    Xbox 360 Wired network issues

    Hi, I am trying to set up a wired internet connection to connect my PC to xbox 360 live, so that I can play with a friend who live's in a different house. When I try to bridge connection it says that I need two "LAN" or highspeed internet connections that are not being used by internet...
  2. E

    Xbox One xbox one X PING experts plz help

    When I first got my xbox one X and tested detailed network stats in settings, I got high speeds and 16 ping. Since then the ping has rose to 80ms, and will not drop under that. The same situation happened to my old xbox one s. But, when I do a speed test on the explorer app, which pings to my...
  3. CatTrivia

    Xbox One Strange Connection issues.

    I can not log into overwatch it stops at "entering game" then says "lost connection" I also can't watch anything on hulu. Now the weird part I can watch netflix and when I use my wifes account on the same system I can get into Overwatch. I can't fifure out what is going on.Yes I've hard rebooted...
  4. B

    Xbox One Playing Offline

    I have an Xbox One S and I recently just moved. I do not have internet in my apartment yet and just bought Assassins Creed Odyssey. Is there any way to play this game without internet? I've tried changing my status to offline, power cycling my xbox and then downloading the disc that I own. Every...