1. A

    Xbox 360 Wired network issues

    Hi, I am trying to set up a wired internet connection to connect my PC to xbox 360 live, so that I can play with a friend who live's in a different house. When I try to bridge connection it says that I need two "LAN" or highspeed internet connections that are not being used by internet...
  2. KarmaSuttra

    Xbox One Xbox One S wired & wireless accessories connection difference??

    Anyone know if Wired and Wireless Xbox one controllers/accessories connect to the console the same way? I'm having an issue with my wireless accessories having an inconsistent connection with my console (Xbox one S) and I was curious if a wired controller might work better or if they connect...
  3. T

    Xbox One Are the bumpers fixed on newer controllers?

    Hi. 2 questions. Has the bumpers been fixed on the newer controllers? I gave up playing for the past 2 yrs because the bumpers don't respond properly. Any recommendations on a third market cotroller or a model? Also I hear the s controllers have Bluetooth. Does this help with wireless headsets...
  4. V

    I got a great Gamertag, but now i cant play my 360 games on backwards compatible. Wat do?

    So with Microsoft allegedly releasing all of those names into the wild, me and my friends looked for cool, OG names. I was able to get the name Vyper, but ever since I changed my name I haven't been able to play backwards compatible games. I would load the game and it would tell me that I needed...