1. O

    What the hell is with this new Naming system???

    So apparently i cant have the name Ozzy275 without 4 numbers being added onto it... WHAT THE HELL!? i wasted $9 for a game i didn't even want! and at first it says oh you can have Ozzy275#1436... so i thought it'd be like Discord or Activision ID.. but NOOOOO. Log on to my Series X and my name...
  2. Acid Amone

    Xbox One The New Update For Button Mapping Problem Solved!

    So today I was playing and because my left stick click and right stick click don't press down and work I use d pad left and right for the backup, I've been doing this method for a long time because I refuse to pay 40-150 dollars for a controller, and for some reason today my controller was...