1. arbi amaev

    Xbox One Xbox One "Privacy And Online" settings not working.

    I was trying to play Minecraft Realms, (it was free to play on Xbox One S i think) anyways. I tried to join the realms, none of the servers popped up ( i had usually 2-3 servers). I pressed "join realms" and it said : "you cannot play on realms because how your microsoft account is set up...
  2. B

    Xbox 360 Default Gamerpic missing?

    My girlfriend had this gamerpic: And it got changed by accident. Well, when we went to change it back it wasn't there. I don't know the name of it, but I think it's from Perfect Dark. It doesn't show up in the hard drive or the gamerpic selection screen. Is it from a gamerpic pack? is there a...
  3. C

    Xbox One Secret Access to Program Files

    Recently I was exploring the app File Explorer and was uploading some music onto my console. All of the sudden I found a folder in the recent tab called "This-PC". Inside was a bunch of the xbox one program files, such as the icons for various apps, app data, account data, ect. After looking in...