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    Xbox 360 Slim model won't connect to the internet

    Hope this is cool to post here, I've been trying to connect my Xbox to the internet for hours now and I just can't. It's giving me an IP Address Error. I've tried everything, restarting both the console and router, creating a static IP Address, restarting to factory defaults, nothing's worked...
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    Xbox One Last resort temp fix

    I've been running into a black screen/blue screen error for the past 2 years. Bought a new Xbox one as well as an adapter a couple times and still I get the issue. The error codes don't do anything. Try slapping the right side of your Xbox one by the fan but on its side. Not the top of it. It...
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    Xbox One E101 Update Problem

    Hi all :) Tried a quick search but couldn't find my problem. It seems like every time my Xbox One has an update due I go to turn it on and get the troubleshooter screen saying 'something went wrong'. I download the latest OSU1 from Microsoft and update via USB and it gets me in and then...
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    Original Xbox Need Help with Broken Original Xbox

    Hello, i am new to this forum, I bought this Xbox for $5 at a thrift store and knowing it might be broken i was prepared to fix it. when plugging it in the Xbox automatically turns on and wont turn off permanently when pressing the power button. The disk drive wont open when pressing the eject...