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    Can't connect xbox one controller to windows 10 PC via bluetooth dongle

    Hello community! I recently purchased an Xbox one controller and a CSR 4.0 USB 2.0 Bluetooth adapter to use with my windows 10 PC. I am currently running the latest available update (21H2) for my PC. I have tried: restarting my PC restarting my controller (by doing the 6 second button hold)...
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    Xbox One Xbox one s controller bluetooth connection interfere with bluetooth audio connection

    The controller and bluetooth audio can't connect to one device at the same time. It works fine if the controller connection is wired. I play on PC and already update the bluetooth audio and bluetooth adapter driver, controller firmware already updated. Windows 10 already updated and Game Mode...
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    Xbox One After fixing the party problem on PC I don't receive notifications form xbox.

    I followed solution 3 on this it worked i can now join parties. But now i no longer receive notifications, if someone messages me i don't get it nor do i get party invites or game invites i have to join them all...