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    Xbox app is now garbage

    The new update is terrible and it's a downgrade who ever thought of the update should get fired you need real users to think of ideas the app had most of its settings taken away the screen times out now and you can't even create post from your phone so no point in even using it now most of the...

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    Xbox One My Xbox App!

    I just launched my Xbox Assistant app, and from the name its an assistant for your xbox. It'll allow you to check your feed, send messages, add / remove friends, track achievements, and even share and download clips and screenshots. If that sounds interesting, give it a download...
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    Xbox App PC not signing me in

    I can sign into my account through other things, such as on my phone and the desktop pc, but whenever i try to do it on my laptop it refuses to work and gives my the following response: Needles to say, i have no idea why this is happening or how to fix it. I know that it says the service isnt...