Original Xbox 007: Everything or Nothing


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Feb 22, 2012
Was anyone else a fan of 007: Everything or Nothing? That was probably my favorite James Bond game other than GoldenEye 007 for the N64. I've always liked James Bond movies, I'm glad that there have been a few good video games based on them.
Golden Eye was definitely the best. I liked Nightfire, too. That was the one set in Paris, France around New Year's Eve. There was supposed to be a sequel to the game called Phoenix Rising, but it never made it to the stores. The James Bond movies were fun to watch, but I liked the games more.
I've never played any of the 007 games. How similar are they to the movies? What genre do they fit into - do they involve a lot of stealth action? If that's the case, I'm in!
I have honestly never played any of them but over the weekend a friend mentioned letting me borrow a few so I might take him up on it. I loved the movies and pretty much Bond related, not sure why I skipped over the games.
If you're a James Bond fan and you like stealth and action, I definitely recommend checking a few of them out! I have to agree with Zelda, Golden Eye will probably always be my favorite one too. Maybe that's just nostalgia, but that game was awesome, it was a favorite for a few years.
The only game that was kind of Bond-esque that I liked was No One Lives Forever. I have been hoping for a remake of it for years now. If you haven't played it you should definitely check it out, it has everything that a Bond fan would expect from a game.
supposed to be a new one this year coinciding with the release of Skyfall, should be good
supposed to be a new one this year coinciding with the release of Skyfall, should be good

If it's a movie tie-in then count me out. We all know how bad those types of games can get. I don't want to ruin my love for the past Bond games like Goldeneye.