Original Xbox 007 Games


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Jul 8, 2012
Did anyone here play any of the 007 games released for the original Xbox? I ran across a couple of them at the local used games store and thought about buying one. Any recommendations?
I have seen them in passing but never picked any up. I loved the movies so I am not sure why I was really put off from the game but something about it just seemed a little odd to me. Maybe its due to always thinking of it as more of a movie??
It's pretty fun, but not worth praising to much. It reminds me of the old Tomb Raider games for PC. If you're into that you can check it out but only if you like this type of games.
I didn't play them on the XBOX, I played them on the Gamecube. I think the one I played was Nightfire.

I enjoyed the game, but never finished it. The FPS genre was not really my favorite gener ad I mainly bought it because all of my friends were playing it.
I enjoyed some of the games but they were very difficult to beat. I actually played one of the games yesterday and it was hard as heck. Haha. The games in that series are still fun for the most part.
Nothing compared to the 007 GoldenEye game on N64, that game was nuts. My friends and I would spend hours playing multiplayer on that game, the Golden bullet. What a game!
I played some of the 007 games. I enjoyed some of the games but i was not blown away.
I played Everything or Nothing on the PS2. It was a pretty good game with a lot of good missions. That was really the only 007 game that impressed me. .
I don't know I find that the James Bond franchise has been flopping out for a number of years now... haven't felt the need to play one since PS2 days...
My brothers and I were/are huge James Bond fans. We owned most of the games, on N64 and GameCube. My brother currently has Perfect Dark downloaded on his 360. However, I guess technically we don't have any 007 games on an Xbox console, even if Perfect Dark is a rip-off of GoldenEye.
I liked the classic movie series, thought the games were solid. While I liked GoldenEye, the thing that got me is that stealth was really never a big thing for a guy who is supposed to be a super spy. At the time I was all about being first person James Bond running through with his superior firearms ability, but when I got older and having playing Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid, and Hitman it was like...a little stealth would've been nice in the bulk of the games.
I can sign off on wanting more stealth in the 007 games. They have good, straight forward, no nonsense FPS in the series, but James Bond is a spy...not Turok, Rambo, or Charles Bronson.

...I'd like a Death Wish FPS just to note.
A Death Wish FPS would be pretty cool, like as a Live Arcade game or something. There's like 4 movies worth of material to run with.
I like Death Wish, but don't know how it would play out as a FPS. I would like a Terminator FPS though.
I liked the majority of the 007 games. There was an old Mission Impossible game that had a decent balance of action and spy stealth for that period. When it gets down to espionage games I tend to go with Splinter Cell, but the 007 games were decent in whatever genre they focused on with the FPS games being landmark.
I remember seeing a few of these games in commercials but I never really had the urge to go out and get them I just dont think that they were really worth the time or the money. The only 007 game that I could say that was really worth my time and my money was 007 Goldeneye. I don think that there is no 007 game that could beat that game I must say that that game was the most fun that I have ever had playing an James Bond game and I still think that it is the best that I have ever played in the 007 series of games.