Xbox 360 007 Legends Achievements


Oct 25, 2012
Below are the achievements for 007 Legends, along with the number of achievement points you’ll receive and a summary on how to get each achievement.

007 Legends Achievement List:
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Secret Agent 50

Complete all levels on ‘Agent’ difficulty or higher.

In order to unlock this achievement you will have to finish the whole game on “Agent” difficulty. Just do your job: play the game and save the world. If you think that being an Agent is a piece of cake – try to finish this game on a higher difficulty. And do not worry – this achievement will be yours anyway.

007 50

Complete all levels on a 'Classic' difficulty.

James Bond is a classic Agent with classic moves and classic behavior so it might be a good idea to finish this game on a “Classic” difficulty. At least – it will make everything look so classic!

Goldfinger 15

Complete the 'Goldfinger' mission.

Complete Mission 1. This mission will start with a dead woman in your bad colored in gold and as a gentleman you will have to find out who is responsible for the murder and send a bullet into his head. Your thirst for revenge will bring you to the dangerous places with bad people and industrial surrounding.

O.H.M.S.S. 15

Complete the 'O.H.M.S.S.' mission.

Complete Mission 2: On Her Majesty's Secret Service. I believe you are not afraid to get cold cause to complete the second mission of 007 Legends you will have to fight the bad guys in pretty cold weather conditions. Though, at a certain moment you will get on a helicopter and will be asked to clear the area with a help of machinegun.

Licence To Kill 15

Complete the 'License To Kill' mission.

Complete Mission 3: License to Kill. This time you will have to get in a secret bunker that is hidden somewhere under the ancient city. Nothing to worry about: just follow your agent senses and they will lead you to the right place.

Die Another Day 15

Complete the 'Die Another Day' mission.

Complete Mission 4: Die Another Day. If killing people seems boring, there is no better place to change your surrounding than a plane. Of course, you will still have to kill people and make your way to pilot’s cabin but there’s a surprise waiting for you out there and it won’t be easy to deal with it. Plus, you will have to leave the plane before it explodes.

Moonraker 15

Complete the 'Moonraker' mission.

Complete Mission 5: Moonraker. Another secret bunker, another evil genius who is trying to change this world forever and make it look like it was your fault. Just shoot at everything that moves and shoots at you and do not forget to use your gadgets – they will be really useful.

People Power 10

Campaign: Collect 30% of all character bio intel.

Every 007 Legends mission features three characters. Probably, you will be able to recognize them from Bond movies but in a virtual world you will have to prove that by gathering some information about those characters. Every character has 3 pieces of 007 Legends Character Bio Intel. If you manage to find at least 1 for each character, you will be able to unlock this achievement.

Making it Personal 10

Campaign: Collect 100% of all character bio intel.

Even despite the fact that this game is pretty linear, it won’t be easy to find all 45 pieces of 007 Legends Character Bio Intel. There are 5 missions with 3 heroes each which means that there are 9 pieces of Bio Intel at every level. Collect them all and get 10 points for your efforts. By the way – these will come in many forms, like dossiers, wallets, guns etc.

Web of Intrigue 10

Campaign: Collect 30% of all organization intel.

As well as every hero has a secret bio, every organization tries to hide one on its own. If you double your searches, together with the Character Bio Intel you will find Organization Intel. Make sure that you collect at least one for every organization in order to cross 30% barrier.

Clandestine 10

Campaign: Collect 100% of all organization intel.

In order to complete this achievement you will have to turn into the most attentive detective in the world. Make sure you collect all organization intel scattered
all over the levels. So yes, it does look like a good idea to stay a bit longer and search every corner.

Happy Snapper 10

Campaign: Take a photograph of the crocodile.

You get this in the Mission: Die Another Day, during the Ice Hotel sequence. Once you are in Graves' building and are to proceed to his office, you can take a
tour further in and find the crocodile underneath the glass flooring. And no – he won’t bite. Just get out your spy gadget and take a picture of a poor trapped animal.


Scream if you want to go faster 10

Campaign: Give someone an exciting training experience.

Oh, Mr. Bond! You are such a joker! Your spy hands are always ready to do something that other won’t like. In order to unlock this achievement you will have to hack an aerotrim (the spinning wheel thing). Use its panel located above the machine. You will find this spinner on the mission "Space Port" in the Moonraker campaign.

Vodka martini, plenty of ice... 20

Get 100% collection rating for 'Die Another Day'.

I guess that the number one rule for every spy is to collect everything that lies bad. Well, if you manage to find all the collectible items, you will get 20 points for being a good detective.


I expect you to die 20

Get 100% collection rating for 'Goldfinger'.

Goldfinger campaign has its own secrets and to reveal them you will have to be very attentive and very creative. I also hope that this video will help you to find all the necessary items to unlock this achievement.


Never happened to the other guy 20

Get 100% collection rating for 'O.H.M.S.S.'

This place it full of things that you are supposed to find and get back to the HQ. Pay as much attention to every corner as possible but also remember to stay calm and ready because there might be a gun waiting around the corner. Also, there will be pretty dark places during your search missions so, make sure to double your notice in order to find all the collectable items.


You prepare for the unexpected 20

Get 100% collection rating for 'License To Kill'.

Probably, in your previous life you used to be a real collector, Mr. Bond. Just try to follow your deductive skills and make sure that every single item of the License to Kill campaign is in your hands.


Around the world one more time 20

Get 100% collection rating for 'Moonraker'.

I do understand that a charming companion will follow your every move but please – try to concentrate on something a bit more important and get as much evidence as possible. Here’s a video that should help you out.


Boys with Toys 10

Campaign: Buy all of the attachments for one weapon class.

Big boys are also into big toys. Unlocking this achievement will be both interesting and useful. For every mission and kill you get some XP points. Make sure
that you have enough to spend by going to Agent Profile and Upgrade Shop. If yes – spend as much points and you can to upgrade your weapon via Primary & Secondary Objectives or through Weapons, Gadets or Training XP Challenges. The cheapest and fastest way to earn this achievement is to buy the 4 attachments for the shotgun class at 6,040 XP but I would recommend you to earn some more XP points and use them for something a lot more interesting than a shotgun class.

Very novel Q 10

Campaign: Upgrade a gadget to its highest level.

Your smart-phone is your best helper but you can make it even better with the help of XP points and some inspiration during your game. Earn as much XP points as possible and at the beginning of the 3 Mission you should have enough to upgrade your gadget to the highest level. Not only will it give you new possibilities to play with but also you can expect to receive 10 points for unlocking Very novel Q achievement.

Standards of Physical Perfection 30

Campaign: Acquire all of the MI6 training modules.

During the whole game process you will be receiving different tips from your colleagues at the HQ. Make sure you follow them right and if every theoretical tip will be proved on practice – 30 points will be automatically added to your account.

Everything or Nothing 5

Complete all of the trials on any one level.

In order to get this achievement you will have to complete all of the trials but as far as there are 3 of them – this shouldn’t be a problem. Accuracy, Elimination, and Time – those are the well known trials that you can perform in a game. The good thing is that they do not have to be completed on a particular level which means that you can make an attempt to finish them whenever you like. I also figured that the best place to complete all of the trials is the first level of Mission 2: On Her Majesty's Secret Service. I started with the Accuracy: killed three when I had a clear view. Elimination and Time trials joined Accuracy a bit later on the very same mission. As long as I was playing on 007 Modern difficulty, I used the following Training Modules equipped: Health Boost, Rapid Recovery, and Speed Loader. They really make things easier. Kill as many snowmobile guys as possible and stop when you see a pop out window in the bottom left corner of the screen. As for the Time trial – hold down on LB the whole way (acceleration) and do not let go. It won’t be easy to avoid a helicopter but if you manage to do that – Time trial will be yours as well as the achievement itself.

Extended Operative 20

Complete eight of the 'Operative' level trials.

Those are pretty easy to achieve as far as they are a part of the game. Most of the level trials consist of beating a certain time or having a good hit ratio. You need to complete the first trial in each of the 8 levels which have trials to unlock this achievement. Though, you might have troubles dealing with the one in Auric Enterprises level in Goldfinger. But just make sure that you hit ratio is no less than 90%!

More Than an Agent 25

Complete six of the 'Agent' level trials.

While there are 8 missions that have trials, your task is to do only 6 of them. It won’t be hard to figure out what things have to be done – just look through the mission select. The very moment you start a mission, hit the back button and then hit Y. This will reveal your task for the trial and it will look like “get 50 kills with a pistol” or something alike. Really – nothing too difficult, except finding the targets.

Above and Beyond a 00 30

Complete three of the '007' level trials.

This shouldn’t be hard unless you have no idea what you’re doing. All in all there are 8 missions that have trials. If you want to know a bit more about them – press “Start” and then press “Y”. If you want to see this achievement unlocked, you will have complete three of them (choose whatever you like) on the “007 level”. So far, I would recommend:
1. Elimination trial (AK47 100 kills) on Goldfingers' second mission, Fort Knox;
2. The very first mission on OHMSS (7kills with the Strauger A-1);
3. The Moonraker mission Space Port (100 kills with the rifle).
Spend the money quickly Mr. Bond 20
Campaign: Be awarded a total of 10,000 XP.
It is pretty easy to earn 10,000 as far as XP points are given almost for everything: completing primary objectives, completing secondary objectives, completing various tiers of XP Challenges (Weapon, Gadgets & Training), etc. You can also spend your XP to upgrade your weapons and skills but make sure that you earn 10,000 first.

Distracting 10

Distract an enemy.

As long as getting this achievement is a part of the game process, it won’t be hard to make it yours. At the very beginning of the Goldfinger mission, you will meet Pussy Galore. After some chitchat and action she will ask you to find a way to distract two guards. At this moment your dear friend Tanner will instruct you on how to use your wristwatch on an acoustic device. Point your watch on three cameras (one by one) by holding down the left trigger. While holding down the left trigger, hold down the right trigger and the wristwatch will begin its work on the camera. If you do everything right, the guards will react immediately. With the guidance from Tanner it should be a piece of cake.

Positively shocking! 12

Take out two enemies with one shock dart.

In order to complete this task, obviously, you will need two guards that walk together holding hands (or not holding hands) and a shocking dart that has to be used in a proper moment. And as far as the beginning of the License To Kill mission is a perfect place to kill two birds with one stone, you should start here (your task is to go silent anyway). So, while making your way towards the fortress you will notice two guards blocking one of the entrances to the inside of a building. Switch to your shock dart by pressing Y and aim it towards the two men and then fire with the right trigger. If this won’t work, restart the mission or continue moving forward. There will be an enterable building with lots of guards inside. Kill the three guards inside and go to the left exit. Equip your hero with a Shock Dart and move forward. If you are quick enough, use the Dart and instead of two you should knock out THREE guardians. Well, it won’t give you any advantage but you will surely unlock the achievement.

Master at Arms 20

Make an elimination with every weapon class.

There are a few weapon classes in the game. Make sure that you use at least one of a kind to kill bad guys. And no – different shotguns do not belong to different classes.

Challenger 20

Earn a 1 star rating in each mission of the Challenges mode.

Your goals will vary depending on a mission but in other words to unlock this achievement you will have to complete every mission satisfactory. To make things easier for you, here’s a YouTube playlist of useful videos that will help you to get 5 stars!


All That Glitters 10

Earn a 3 star rating in any mission of the Challenges mode.

You can even do better and get 5 start rating in any mission instead. On the first MI6 level: Auric just show your best running skills. You do not even have to
shoot anybody or hide behind obstacles. Just RUN! Oh, you don’t believe me. Well, here’s a video for you.


Shooting Star 20

Get 30% of all available stars in the Challenges mode.

In order to add this achievement to your winning list, you will have to earn at least 15 starts out of 50 available. This is pretty easy, I would say. If you do not know how – check out the Challenger achievement and the list of videos attached.

Star Struck 40

Get 60% of all available stars in the Challenges mode.
If you want this achievement – just double your efforts and get 30 stars out of 50. That seems to be easier than it sounds. If you still have any questions – check out the Challenger achievement and the list of videos attached.

Fascination with all things gold 60

Get 100% of all available stars in the Challenges mode.

Get 50 stars out of 50 and it’s yours. Check out the Challenger achievement and the list of videos attached for more information.

Unlocked and Loaded 5

Public Match: Reach level 6 (Midshipman).
Just fight your opponents and when you will have enough XP points, level 6 Midshipman will be granted to you. That shouldn’t take long considering the number of achievement points offered.

00 Agent 30

Public Match: Reach level 50 (00 Agent Grade 0).

Basically, this achievement is more about time than skills and in order to get it you will have to have 1,009,750 experience points on your account which will unlock level 50. The easiest and the fastest way to get the job done is to gather about 6 people together and play the gametype "Icarus". If you play nice and right, everyone should be granted with 10,000+ experience each match which makes 60,000 of experience every hour. Play for about 20-24 hours (you do not have to do this non-stop) and 1,009,750 experience points will be transferred to your account.

A Farewell to Arms 50

Multiplayer: Enter 00 Specialization.

This is another game mode where you can check your skills fighting other guys online.

Laser Eraser 15

Public Match: Win a match using only laser-based weapons.

The best and the most comfortable weapon for this task is a laser pistol. Though, you can use anything you like as long as it has a laser pointer on it. Kill 20 people with your laser-based weapon and the achievement is yours. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR WEAPON DURING THE MATCH!

Midas Touch 15

Public Match: Win a match on Main Vault, Smelting Room and Loading Bay.

All three maps (Main Vault, Smelting Room and Loading Bay) are a part of Goldfinger mission. Just do whatever it takes to complete the mission and win without getting killed. But if it is only about the achievement and not about the game, you can go the easier way: just start a game of "Data Miner" mode in an empty lobby and press "Start". After that simply walk around the empty map and make sure that none kicks you out (if you plan to stand still – system will get rid of you for not being active). 7 minutes later you should be a winner.

Danger! High Voltage 10

Public Match: Get 25 electrocution kills as Zao or Gustav Graves.

In order to unlock this achievement you will have to play the game mode legends. Choose your hero and keep using melee on everyone. It will take a while but about 4 matches after you should get what you came for.

Counter-Sniper 25

Public Match: Kill 50 players while they are aiming down the scope of a sniper rifle.

I hope you get the idea: you shoot before your opponent shoots. But, it won’t be easy to find 50 snipers and spot them moments before they spot you. So, the best way to get this achievement is to team up with your friends and play the game two on two. I bet you will figure out the rest.

Return to Sender 35

Public Match: In Bomb Defuse disarm the bomb and plant it at enemy base without getting killed.

I am pretty sure it is self explanatory: disarm the bomb and plant it at enemy base without getting killed.

Shaken, but not Stirred 10

Public Match: Survive 50 explosions while using Reactive Armor.

Do what it says: do not dare leaving this world without 50 surviving!

Disarmed and Dangerous 20

Public Match: In Escalation demote an enemy who is armed with the RPG.

As far as RPG is the last weapon in the cycle, you will have to wait a bit to find someone holding that weapon. But when you do find one – melee him while he holds the RPG. You can use friends to make this easier.

Hold the Line 30

Public Match: Win a Data Miner match without being killed.

Of course – playing with friends that also happen to be your teammates will help you to get this achievement a lot faster and a lot easier but if you are a loner – you can still get it on your own. Try to do your best to enter a public Data Miner lobby first. If you did it well – press “Start”. This will start the game with only you in it. Just move around for a couple of minutes and when it counts to 100% - you will get 30 achievement points.

All the Time in the World 40

Public Match: Play for more than 24 hours.

You do not have to play 24 hours nonstop but the very same moment the secret clock will count the last second of 24 hours – 40 achievement points will be yours.

Secret Achievements

Signature 7

Campaign: Reach level three weapon proficiency with the P99.

Eliminate 105 targets in order to reach level 3 weapon proficiency with the P99. You can check your progress by going to Main Menu>>Single Player>>Agent Profile>>XP Challenges

With or Without Q 16

Reach Grave’s plane without using any in-car gadgets.

It won’t be an easy task to complete but at the same time it is something that your hands will be able to cope with. So, in order to make this achievement yours, you will have to forget about using any gadgets which are Traction Control, Treat Detection System and my personal favorite – Weapon System. But here’s a little guidance that should help you to do everything rights.
- when you see a danger ahead - just let go off the gas for a sec to maintain max grip. Also, do not forget about walls – they have to be avoided or you will be span out. (since you are not allowed to use the Traction Control);
- when Zao will close in on you, you won’t be able to identify where bombs, that he throws at you, will explode. Well, in order to improve the situation you can also let off the gas for a sec to maintain max grip and, of course, be more attentive. (since you are not allowed to use the Treat Detection System);
- in order to take out Zao without using the Weapon System, you will have to get as close to him as possible avoiding bombs at the same time, and once you are close enough behind him he will automatically drive into the laser beam. Well, now is the highest time to shoot!
Also, a little tip: it’s a lot easier to avoid the boxes that come out of the plane, when you are between 0>>3 meters.

One small step for a man 0

Experience zero-g.

As long as this is a story related achievement, you will get it in the “Moonraker” mission.

Omega Virus 15

Public Match: Kill an enemy who has completed the campaign or who already has this Achievement.

Since this is a viral achievement everyone should get this pretty quick. Just shoot and your bullet will find the achievement.
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