3 Month Live discount


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Nov 4, 2012
Just thought I would give everyone a heads up and let you know if you are in the market for a new Live membership, the Microsoft Store will be selling the 3 month subscription for half price ($12) on Black Friday. That is a pretty decent deal. I also noticed they were going to have some of the games super cheap although they didn't list which ones yet.
Awesome! I have been looking for this exact thing! I need to buy a couple memberships for Christmas gifts so this works out perfectly. I wonder if they will send you the actual Live card or if you just get a code via email.
If he meant on the xbox marketplace you wont get cards on from the gamertags you put it on (unfortunately) :(
That's a pretty good deal you're sharing there. If there was ever a time to stack a few live account cards, black Friday surely is that time.
Ooh thanks for sharing! That is so cheap! I just bought a 3 month card on Amazon for $20 and thought I was getting a deal. Oh, well. I know I'll use it anyway. Is this an actual physical code or a card? They would make awesome Christmas presents!