Original Xbox A Bit Late, But Just Picked Up Midtown Madness 3!


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Jul 17, 2012
The one thing I love about still owning my original big black box is the ability to pcik up games that passed me by back in the day on the cheap. For example, I just got a copy of Midtown Madness 3 on Saturday and it's a fantastic game! Loads of fun, lots to do and 2 really great cities to drive around. Having spent time in Paris, I'm not sure it's 100% accurate, but it's still a great game
We still have our original Xbox too, even though we favor our 360 like crazy. I can't remember the last time we actually bought an original Xbox game, but we have a few classics for it that we just can't get rid of! We have some other older consoles, though, including the original Playstation, and it's so fun now to go to a video game store that sells older games and find old games really cheap. The last store we visited had a sell called "Buy 1 Get 2 Free", where you only pay for the most expensive of the 3 you pick out, so we got 3 PSX games for $9 dollars. :)
Wow, that's a great deal! I've still kept a lot of my favorite PSX games to play on my PS2; it's great for a bit of a nostalgia trip from time to time - same with my original Xbox, just fire it up when I feel like reliving a bit of my "youth"!
Oh, I love Midtown Madness 3! I still fire it up from time to time - what a shame we can't go online with it anymore, as the DLC available was great if I remember correctly!
I enjoyed all the Midtown Madness games, but MM 3 was my favorites. The single player mode was fairly good, but it was the multiplayer mode that totally did it for me! I loved Capture the Gold the most.