Achievement Assistance


New Member
Apr 26, 2012
When you're trying to get certain achievements for a game you're playing, do you try to get the achievements without assistance, or do you look up information about the achievement online? Personally, I try to get the achievement independently first, but certain achievements are almost impossible without at least some help, so I have been known to Google the achievement for a map or Youtube video.
For me, it depends on the achievement. Some achievements you can get just through normal game play. However, some achievements require finding hidden objects and when that's the case, I'll look up the location(s) of the objects when I'm having trouble finding all of them.
The only time I'll look up something about an achievement is if I've already tried to get it and couldn't for some reason. It's pretty much situations like Isabella pointed out, where I'm trying to find a bunch of hidden objects and I can't find them all, or something like that.
I look up information about achievements all the time! I don't really consider that cheating, although some of my friends do, because those achievements aren't essential to game play. (Although, some of them are essential for 100% completion.)
The best achievements are those that pop-up by surprise. Unfortunately, those are usually the ones that are easier to get as well so most people have them. Exclusivity is important to me so I like to go out of my way for harder to get achievements. That usually means that I have to look them up first.