Xbox 360 After playing one multiplayer shooter do you find it hard to play a different one?


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Jul 6, 2012
I've been playing Battlefield 3 a lot lately, then I went back to COD MW3 and I forgot how slow you move compared to battlefield and it was making it hard to play, have any of you experienced this reintegration shock?
I have a little bit of trouble going back and forth between different shooters when the controller layout is a lot different. In other words, you might aim with one button on one game but on a different game, you aim with a different button, so it takes some getting used to. Other than that, all shooters are pretty much the same to me - just aim and shoot, ha ha!
OMG- Going between Gars and COD, I always end up throwing grenades in COD when I'm trying to reload my weapon! It takes me a while to adjust each time I go between the two games. It drives me crazy!!