Xbox 360 Alice: Madness Returns Cheats


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Jun 24, 2012
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Below you will find cheats associated with Alice: Madness Returns. Cheats typically create an advantage beyond normal gameplay, usually to make the game easier. Cheats sometimes take the form of "secrets" or “Easter eggs” placed in the game by the developers themselves. Cheats may be activated from within the game itself by using a cheat code implemented by the original game developers; or created by third-party software (a game trainer) or hardware (a cheat cartridge). They can also be done by exploiting software bugs.

Alice: Madness Returns Unlockables / Cheats


New Game +
Successfully complete the game to unlock the New Game + mode, which lets you keep all of your roses and weapons from the previous game.

Dress Abilities

Successfully complete each level to unlock the unique properties for each dress as listed below:

  • Steamdress: Hatter's Domain (Chapter 1). When this dress is equipped, breakables drop more teeth and roses.
  • Siren: Deluded Depths (Chapter 2). When equipped, your enemies drop twice as many roses.
  • Silk Maiden: Oriental Grove (Chapter 3). When equipped, your enemies drop twice as many teeth.
  • Royal Suit: Queensland (Chapter 4). When equipped, your health is limited to four roses total.
  • Misstitched: The Dollhouse (Chapter 5). When equipped, your Shrink Sense duration is doubled.
  • Classic: Infernal Train (Chapter 6). When equipped, you will regain health when shrunk.

Easter Eggs

Psychonauts Reference
Once the Executioner chases you onto the slide and into the tunnel in Chapter 4, break the weak area in the floor to reveal a set of stairs. Go down the stairs to reveal a memoryand some extra teets, as well as a skeleton with red goggles. It's Raz from Psychonauts.