Xbox 360 Alpha Protocol Achievements


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Jun 24, 2012
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Below you can find the all the achievements you can earn in Alpha Protocol. You get points for completing specific game tasks or by simply completing levels. There really are a number of ways you can unlock an achievement. This guide or list will help you figure that out faster. Check the description below to see how the achievement is unlocked. By obtaining points you’ll increase your Gamerscore associated with your Xbox Live Profile. Hey, some people call it bragging rights and others will call it good form when completing the game. It’s up to you decide if you want the extra motivation to go after these. Enjoy!

Alpha Protocol Achievement List

Operation True Heirs (75)
Complete Operation True Heirs

Basic Training (50)

Complete the Training Mission

Alpha Protocol (75)

Complete Operation Desert Spear

Operation Blood Feud (75)

Complete Operation Blood Feud

Operation Deus Vult (75)

Complete Operation Deus Vult

Full Circle (125)

Complete Alpha Protocol

Hardcore (25)

Complete Alpha Protocol on Hard difficulty setting

Evolution of an Action Hero (10)

Complete the Alpha Protocol using the Recruit background

Desert Spear (25)

Assassinate Sheikh Shaheed

Ask Questions First, Shoot Later (15)

Refrain from killing in cold blood

Judge, Jury, and Executioner (15)

Let your gun do the talking

Thorton, Inc. (10)

Turn all your enemies into allies in one single career

Ladies' Man (10)

Romance all the ladies in Alpha Protocol in a single career

No Time For Love (20)

Complete the game without being seduced

Hard to Read (10)

Use each stance at least 25% across 90 dialogue stance choices

Social Butterfly (10)

Gain Liked reputation status of 3 people (who must all Like you at the same time)

Antisocial (10)

Get 3 people to hate you (who must all hate you at the same time)

Ready For Anything (5)

Acquire the vast majority of Intel available in the game

Pistol Mastery (5)

Score 100 Critical Hits with the Pistol

SMG Havoc (5)

Achieve the maximum SMG Critical Hit Multiplier 7 times in your career

Shotgun Crowd Control (5)

Score 100 Critical Hits with the Shotgun

Assault Rifle Marksmanship (5)

Score 100 head shots with the Assault Rifle

Black Belt (5)

Defeat 50 enemies with CQC

Lurker (5)

Evade or Takedown 75 enemies across your career

One With The Shadows (5)

Complete 3 missions with less than 5 kills and with no enemies alerted to your presence

Technophile (5)

Complete 5 missions wherein 6 different gadgets are used

Building a Deadlier Mousetrap (5)

Have 100 placed devices detonate

Breaking and Entering (5)

Pick 10 locks

Circuit Breaker (5)

Bypass 20 electronic devices

Data Theft (5)

Hack 10 computers

Secret Achievements

Friends Before Strangers (25)
You saved Madison Saint James from certain death

Hard Choices (25)

The Roman History Museum is safe, thanks to your efforts

Keeping the Peace (25)

You prevented a riot from killing hundreds in Taipei

Secret Service (25)

You prevented the assassination of President Ronald Sung

Stay of Execution (25)

You allowed Sheikh Shaheed to live

No Compromise, No Mercy (25)

Choosing your own path, you put an end to Halbech and Alpha Protocol

Savage Love (5)

You gained the affection of SIE and allowed her to consummate her lust

Exclusive Interview (5)

You and Scarlet Lake had a romantic trist

Crime Buster (25)

You reconciled with Alpha Protocol and put Halbech out of business

Rising Star (25)

You joined Halbech and put an end to Alpha Protocol

Price For Lying (5)

You killed Surkov for lying to you

Russian Alliance (5)

You forged a partnership with Sergei Surkov

A Price On Mercy (25)

You spared Konstantin Brayko

One Less Gangster (25)

Konstantin Brayko is dead by your hand

Youth Trumps Experience (5)

By carefully pushing his buttons, you provoked Marburg into fighting to the death

Respected Enemies (5)

You gained Marburg's respect and bested him in battle

Never Trust A Sociopath (5)

You successfully alienated "secret agent" Steven Heck

A Plot Uncovered (5)

You discovered the identity of Sung's assassin

Office Romance (5)

Your working relationship with Mina Tang turned into something more

Rome-ance (5)

You became more than friends with Madison Saint James