Xbox 360 Angry Birds Trilogy Achievements


Oct 2, 2012
Below are Angry Birds Trilogy's achievements with its corresponding points and the ways on how to obtain them. Yes, the mobile giant has invaded over our beloved console. Get ready to throw those birds unto those slimy swines!

Angry Birds Trilogy Achievements

Squeak (15)
Smash a Pig

If you played Angry Birds in your phones, tablets or PCs, you know that this is easy. If you haven't played Angry Birds, where were you?! You don't need further guides on how to unlock such feat since, well, that's pretty easy!

Sniper (15)
Smash a distant pig with a direct hit

This one is pretty easy too especially in the beginning levels of the game. Of course, if you intentionally did not hit them but instead use the debris to destroy the pigs because you want to add challenge in your game sessions, feel free! Just don't expect for this achievement to pop up in your screen.

Bacon (20)
Smash 1000 pigs

Bacon is a delicious breakfast. One of the best ever. I want to eat one (or two, or three, or many!) right now. But we are talking about digital pigs, so yeah, no real pork. This is the kind of achievement that you just find completing without you noticing, or aiming for it. Isn't it a surprise that the main objective in playing Angry Birds is to shoot down those pigs? Yes, you'll have your bacon for real.

Stardust (30)
Collect 500 Stars

Now this is challenging, it is already hard to get one star per level as soon as you progress and then you are tasked to amass 500 of those heavenly bodies! By the way, this is an achievement list, not an an achievement guide, I can't basically post every step of the way here, by text. Thankfully, by the power of technology and YouTube, and user deathmule here is the complete guide on how to get the max level of stars. - Part I - Part II - Part III

You are a Star (10)
Get 3 stars in any level

The first stage does it. If you can't, you'll never get this. Never.

You are a Superstar (25)
Get 3 stars in all levels in an episode

This is more like it. Yes, it would be frustrating to able to complete all of the levels but one. BUT ONE! Check out the links above for the 500 stars, it's the same shiz. You gotta love the skillz of the uploader.

You are Elvis (50)
Get 3 stars in every single level.

Yes. You are Elvis, and You are a Superstar is essentially the same, but in Elvis level. You got to bring home the bacon!

Tiny Eagle (15)
Get 100% Eagle score in 5 levels

The Eagle can be summoned by exchanging all of your birds into one chip (that looks like a soap with a fish drawn on top of it). The Eagle pretty much destroys everything. So yeah, this would be too easy.

Mighty Eagle (50)
Get 100% Eagle score in every single level.

It is almost impossible NOT to get the Mighty Eagle at 100%.

Completed Poached Eggs (15)
Complete Classic Episode 1 (without the Mighty Eagle)

This would be too easy. This is essentially a tutorial, like a tsample test, but recorded.

Completed Mighty Hoax (15)
Complete Classic Episode 2 (without the Mighty Eagle)

Not as easy as the previous episode but certainly not in the neighborhood of difficult, not even in the same planet.

Completed Danger Above (15)
Complete Classic Episode 3 (without the Mighty Eagle)

Things start to get interesting here as the difficulty starts to spike just a little bit.

Completed The Big Setup (15)
Complete Classic Episode 4 (without the Mighty Eagle)

Mildly difficult, but nothing you couldn't handle.

Completed Ham'Em High (15)
Complete Classic Episode 5 (without the Mighty Eagle)

I hope you can handle this well given how easy the previous episodes are.

Completed Mine and Dine (15)
Complete Classic Episode 6 (without the Mighty Eagle)

Everything you've learned, every trick you've mastered, applies here.

Completed Trick or Treat (15)
Complete Seasons Episode 1 (without the Mighty Eagle)

Since this is an introductory section of the new episode, there are new gameplay elements being, well, introduced to the players. This is a tutorial in an extend.

Completed Season's Greedings (15)
Complete Seasons Episode 2 (without the Mighty Eagle)

There will be rise of difficulty, but it is much drastic than you think it is.

Completed Hogs and Kisses (15)
Complete Seasons Episode 3 (without the Mighty Eagle)

Challenging but not infuriating.

Completed Go Green, Get Lucky (15)
Complete Seasons Episode 4 (without the Mighty Eagle)

Irritating in some levels, especially if you are aiming for three stars rating.

Completed Easter Eggs (15)
Complete Seasons Episode 5 (without the Mighty Eagle)

Sharp spike of difficulty but nevertheless you can pass through rather easily.

Completed Summer Pignic (15)
Complete Seasons Episode 6 (without the Mighty Eagle)

It's time for a Summer Pignic! Okay, here's the challenge: Complete all of Seasons: Episode 6 - Summer Pignic, without using the Mighty Eagle. So you think you're up for this? If you need a little help, check out these video walkthroughs. Don't forget...NO MIGHTY EAGLE!! You can do it. I know you can! Oh, and good luck with level 1-22. Getting the little guy in the cave area can be a bit tricky!

Completed Mooncake Festival (15)
Complete Seasons Episode 7 (without the Mighty Eagle)

You've come this far, not worth giving up.

Completed Smugglers' Den (15)
Complete Rio Episode 1 (without the Mighty Eagle)

Same as every introductory episode, you'll breeze through this.

Completed Jungle Escape (15)
Complete Rio Episode 2 (without the Mighty Eagle)

Sudden surge in difficulty but seriously you've been through a lot already,

Completed Beach Volley (15)
Complete Rio Episode 3 (without the Mighty Eagle)

Don't give up on us, baby!

Completed Carnival Upheaval (15)
Complete Rio Episode 4 (without the Mighty Eagle)

Challenging enough to let you rip your hair off.

Completed Airfield Chase (15)
Complete Rio Episode 5 (without the Mighty Eagle)


Completed Smugglers' Plane (15)
Complete Rio Episode 6 (without the Mighty Eagle)

Final episode, yes, you can do it.

Worldwide Angry Bird (50)
Complete all Episodes (without the Mighty Eagle)

No good deed goes unpunished.

Block Breaker (10)
Smash 5000 blocks

You'll get this in no time since you'll be hitting more blocks than birds.

Block Annihilator (30)
Smash 100,000 blocks

You got to be seriously, heavily invested to this game to pull this off. Intimidating number, yes, difficultt to achieve? No.

Woodpecker (20)
Smash 5000 Wooden Blocks

If you love to hear the breaking sound of wood, you'll get this. If you are enjoy playing Angry Birds, then yes, this is too easy.

Gravel Factory (20)
Smash 5000 Stone Blocks

Same as blocks and woods, only harder.

Icebreaker (20)
Smash 5000 Ice Blocks

Same as wood, blocks and stone blocks, only colder.

Pointastic (30)
Get 10,000,000 total points

That's a lot of points and you can only net this easily by scoring three stars in every level you play. You'd be surprised that you'll achieve this by simply trying to achieve every other achievement listed here.

Egg Hunter (10)
Unlock 5 Golden Egg levels

Below are videos on how to get all of the Golden Eggs.

Egg Collector (30)
Unlock all Golden Egg level

See video for Egg Hunter achievement.

Egg Guru (10)
Complete 10 Golden Egg levels

Unlocking the Golden Egg levels is different from completing them. Check out this guide on You Tube to see how it's done.

Egg Master (30)
Complete all Golden Egg levels

Check out the video link for the Egg Guru achievement. This will show you how to unlock and complete all of the Golden Egg levels.

Splash of Flavor (10)
Collect 10 Rio fruits

Same as the Eggs, only softer. Playlist provided below.

River of Flavor (30)
Collect all Rio fruits

Video above.

Blockpocalypse (20)
Smash 50 blocks with the first bird (before launching another bird)

Points do not coincide with the effort exerted achieving this milestone, because you won't exert one.

Voyager (30)
Launch 5000 birds

With all the failures and successess in levels, you'll grab this one.

Squawkward (10)
Launch 10 birds backwards

You have to intentionally do this because you just can't hurl the birds backward, aren't you?

Wright Flyer (10)
Make a bird fly 200 meters

Easy with the yellow bird, can be done with others, but this is the easy way out.

Spirit of St. Louis (20)
Send birds flying 100 km

Same as Wright Flyer.

Hyperefficient (20)
Finish a level with a single bird

Hard if done in later levels, but you can perform this one in the very first level. The sooner you get this, the better.

Pig-friendly (10)
Fail a level 10 consecutive times

Can be done in the first episode if you are a total noob not just in Angry Birds but also in general gaming itself.

Supper-Effective (50)
Clear out a level completely (without the Mighty Eagle)

Just by playing the game, you'll have this. Free 50 points!

Scramble (20)
Have 5 different birds in play at one time

The game will give you this level in no time!
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Achievements are fun. These look like mostly fairly easy to get. I was amused to see the one you get for launching birds backwards - on my phone, I do that more often than I care to admit!
Wow, thanks, that's a really big list. Like to find them on my own but, well, why not look sometimes on one of those lists, right?