Another wasted dollar


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Jul 11, 2012
Actually more than that, we have house painters today and I walk upstairs into my den office to see that there is paint all over my desk and monitor. It is not coming off so I think I will be out of the game world for a while. What is up with contractors being so lazy to not tarp before they paint? :mad:
That's crappy...I'd call them. They should have to pay for that. Hopefully they are insured and can take care of it. Sorry to hear about that. What a nice way to end a Tuesday...
I am with Jstep and I would be holding that last check until it was either cleaned off or replaced. There is no sense in that kind of laziness. My husband was a painter for years and it was always in the contract who was responsible for moving and or covering the furniture. Have you tried googling how to get it off? I am sure someone has run into this before.
I had to do similar with a yard guy we hired once, he had one of those large machines that can cut down brush work to almost nothing. It was kind of like a riding tiller but it was huge. He ended up running it directly into my car and thankfully he was insured, he apologized a great deal but I still remember it happening in slow motion. :(
I have never had to remove paint from an LCD screen, but I have had to remove pen and marker...more than once. I just used an alcohol pad for those though. House paint might be a little more tricky!
That stinks! Did you find a way to get the paint off or call the contractor to have them replace it? I know I would have given them an ear full if that had happened at my house.
I come from a family of painters and we never let anything like that happen! I agree with WannaPlay about holding that last check until they fix all the damages, or subtracting replacement cost from the final check, either way.